Optiarc AD7170s Firmware

Hi :slight_smile:

I bought a new Optiarc AD7170s, but it’s firmware is 1.00 (First Version). Is there any official update? I searched through NEC’s and Optiarc’s websites but till now i cant find it. Only AD7170A firmware is available.

Thanks in advance.

You can see what’s available on Liggy & Dee’s firmware page (along with their modified firmwares).


Is it possible to activate the LabelFlash function? I saw somewhere that this hardware supports it.

Maybe, but its not allowed to be discussed here, to be honest.

Please read into this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=166962

I’m just asking because the store where I’ve bought it told me that NEC enabled LabelFlash in this drive last week. I was wondering if someone has the new firmware that make it possible. The official one :wink:

I don’t think the store sales person was telling you the truth. :slight_smile:

Maybe but if he’s telling the truth that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

Check this info:


According to Optiarc’s website this drive supports LabelFlash. I hope that the firmware becomes online soon.

I think the information on this page is just wrong and I doubt there will ever be a Labelflash firmware for the AD-7170S drive

According to Optiarc USA Support (European one didn’t answer me):

Although Optiarc does offer a LabelFlash version of 7170S, it is not available in US.

When I said I live in Europe:

My understanding is that you can not convert a non-LabelFlash drive to a LabelFlash drive simply with a firmware update. The drive has to be configured differently from the factory.

Mh, what would you like to tell with your last post??

I have no clue.

I think what tech support is saying in the USA is the 7173S is not available there.

I was trying to tell that according to TechSupport Optiarc has a version of 7170S with LabelFlash but it’s not a question of firmware and it isn’t available in USA.

Mh, but I also doubt that any real 7170 comes with LF support. :smiley:

I have AD-7170s with firmware version 1.02