Hi guys!

I read the other threads about Nec’s reading problem and I tried practically anything, except messing with the psu and molex connectors (like someone suggested in the Samsung’s thread).

I even tried flashing my drive’s firmware to Liggy & Dee’s Modified 1.04 RPC1.

Not only it didn’t solve the reading problem, it also created a new one:
Now, when I insert a DVD +R (TDK 003), that was burned on the driver and worked fine, the explorer gets stuck and I’m forced to eject it from the drive.

I decided to switch back to the old firmware - 1.02, and the problem stopped.

My OS is WXP SP2. I have an ASUS DVD ROM drive connected together with the Optiarc one on the same cable- the ASUS is jumpered as slave.

I apologize for my lame English, I’m not a native speaker. :disagree:

Welcome to the forum.
Did you try booting in “Safe mode” without network support?
Is the drive connected with an 80 conductor UDMA 4 IDE cable and connected to the main boards IDE controller?
Have you tried other DVD-R discs other than the MCC -R?
Was the modified firmware dowloaded directly from our site?

Well, I tried booting in “Safe mode with networking”.

It’s connected like you said.
Interesting - It does read a Memorex DVD-R X8 I have.

About the firmware - Yes, I downloaded it from this site.

Thanks for the info.
The nest step would be to burn a MCC-R slower than its rated speed. If they are 16x media try them at 8x. If they are 8x try one at 6x or 4x, then see if the disc can be read.

If I’m not mistaken, my friend burned them at X4 speed. Anyway, I’m sure that he didn’t burn them at X16 (the rated speed).
BTW : He has a Pioneer drive, if it matters, by any chance.
I burned a couple of TDK 003 medias at X8 and they all work fine (on org. frm v. 1.02)

What about the firmware problem? Do you have an idea what could cause this?

We are pretty sure it isn’t a firmware, otherwise everyone using a specific firmware should be having this problem and they aren’t.

Tracing the DVD-R read problems is proving difficult.
Some will be caused by faulty drives, others by bad or poorly burned media. The most likely explanation is a problem that we have yet to trace with Windows XP.

In fact, I have similar issue. 7170A, 1.O4-RPC1; 3500AG, 2.TG. Windows XP SP2. All a sudden, ImgBurn failed to verify the disc after writing image. Error message is unrecoverable read error. In Windows explorer, the DVD-RAM drive became CD-DRIVE and showed no disc. I tried to reinstall Windows and replace EIDE cable. None solve my problem. I then had a look at Windows Event Viewer, it said io_err_bad_block at \dev\CDROM3. However, when I scanned this DVD-R on another computer, it showed no bad block. I tried various L&D’s firmwares and none solved problem. The burner occassionally read one or two DVD-Rs, one Verbatim, one Memorex. But most of the DVD-Rs are not readable even though they were burned on 7170 or 3500. Commercial DVDs are readable. All DVDs are readable on another computer with a different burner. Would it be burner issue?

Most likely same problem experienced for many NEC drives. Some have problems with just a particular brand -R while others have problems reading all -R including my 3520. For more details on this problem see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=209168.

I agree. It’s definitely NEC under XP issue. It’s time to get a LITE-ON.