Optiarc AD7170A burn problems



Hi all,

I recently assembled a new comp and decided to use the Optiarc AD7170A as my sole dvd drive. The drive reads cd’s/dvd’s fine; however, it is not buring anything whatsoever. When I inserted a blank CD-R, it recognises the disc but cannot open it, saying invalid function. Windows does not even give me the option of putting files onto the drive. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this problem??? Thanks.


A Blank CD-R will not open because there is nothing on the disc to open. Windows CD burning is iffy at best. It’s better to use a burning software program like Nero or Roxio. In Nero go to the tool bar to “Recorder” then “Disc Info” with a blank in and it will tell you if it is a writable disc or not. If it says it’s not recognized then try a different brand of blank. Stay with name brands (Maxel, TDK, etc)