Optiarc AD7170 DVD+RW media recognition problem

Hi all.
A strange thing is happening with my newly obtained Sony NEC Optiarc AD7170 drive. Whilst everything is fine reading and/or writing with the drive, it’s letting me down while recognizing a DVD+RW media, namingly INFODISC-A01 media. My Lite-On SOHW-1693S is recognizing it to the hell, whereas AD7170 can’t. The thing is AD7170 recognizes the disc as DVD-ROM and surprisingly reads the content burned by 1693S without errors. But I can’t erase the disc. What could be the solution? Firmware is L&D 1.O3.

Try to erase or format the media with the liteon drive, and then insert the disc on the nec, and see if it’s recognized from the drive as RW media.

I tried that. After that AD7170 recognized the media as DVD+RW and the ID as INFODISC A01. But spinning right away the drive lost the media info and again misread that as DVD-ROM when I closed and opened the CD Speed for the second time. It’s frustrating my friend :frowning: What else could there be I could try? (P.S. Media is recognized correctly at every first recognition, anyways later on I can’t perform anything with that media)

so should I wait for another firmware? :frowning:

Well, the problem was solved by simply reinstalling windows. The drive is now working like it should. I didn’t get deep on the problem, but this seems to be OS/driver related.

Hello everyone,
I’m new at CD Freaks. This is my first post. I nstalled
an Optiarc AD7170 in my PC, it caused instant reboot. Any idea what could be the root cause of the problem. Thanks.