Optiarc Ad5170s Question

Hi. I’m sorry if this is a repeat but I have been throught this place a few times and the only thread I can find concerning my problem never had an answer, so…

I just bought a Dell with an Optiarc 5170s Dvd rw. I want to make it Region free so that the entire region changing limit thingy goes away. I have read through and I get that this involves downloading some of your files but what on earth is ‘Flashing the Drive’? I’m guessing it doesn’t mean showing the Pc my ahem assets. I know it sounds noobish but I don’t want to do anything that might break it. So could some one explain what I have to do to make the DvD play all regions in simple, plain english please?

The only threads I could find one this are:
Which sounds like what I am looking for but gives no answer
Which seems to be closer but I just don’t understand what is being said…

I’m not so good with computer speak, sorry.:confused:
Please humour me…

Flashing the drive sounds to me as you update the firmware. The same as ‘flashing’ the BIOS

For nice firmware, look at this page.


The not so nice thing is that there seems to be zero Dell firmwares on that page. What version of the firmware do you have installed right now? You can check the version if you use a program like ImgBurn.

I’m newbie in flashing world too.
Can I flash same drive (Optiarc AD5170s from a Dell XPS) with official Optiarc firmware 1.13 o Liggy’s modified?
Any risks other than flashing risk?