Optiarc AD5170A's

I used to have 3 NEC 3500AG burners. Great devices, but after 3 years (or less) of great service, one failed.
I thought it was better to replace all the 3 drives, since I bought them in the same period and they all burnt pretty much the same quantities, so today I bought 3 OptiArc AD5170A burners.
I noticed they were a lot lighter then the 3500AG’s, but that aside.

I couldn’t find much data on this burner on the forum, but strange thing is, the 3rd burner only produces coasters when writing to all 3 of the drives. I haven’t changed anything in my configuration, I just swapped the drives.

I already flashed the 1.02 RPC1 firmware of Liggy and Dee. You guys have any idea what’s wrong?
The first 2 drives run on UDMA4, but the third drive (which is connected to the JMicron controller on the motherboard), says in devicemanager “Current Transfer Rate: Not applicable”. It also displays as a SCSI CD-ROM.

I have an Asus P5 WH Deluxe motherboard, and I also read that the JMicron controller doesn’t support ATAPI.

What would be my best bet? Getting a PCI IDE controller? Would I be able to connect my other 2 DVD drives also (so having 5 burners in one system), or is this to heavy for my system? (intel Core Duo E6600, 2Gb DDR2, Asus P5W DH Deluxe)

Weird. I have a burner (LG GSA-H22N) on my JMicron controller, and it shows up as a IDE device with “Ultra DMA 4”. I’m using stock MS drivers and in BIOS the JMicron controller is set for IDE-mode. Try this, it works for me!

Note! In BIOS the settings for the JMicron controller is not under the normal IDE-settings. Those settings are for the ICH-controller.

My motherboard is Asus P5B-E Plus, but I think it’s using the same type of JMicron controller.