Optiarc AD-7633A



Asus A2H does not boot anymore after installing the AD-7633A. (Boot disk failure) This way I can not use a flasher or the ATAChanger.
Can anybody tell me what to do next.
Is it possible to switch the drive with power on and will XP except that.



Same problem, can anybody help?:bow:


Creating multiple accounts for sure won’t speed up things. There’s probably not much more to say than what I did in the other thread.


He, I am new at this, sorry for the inconveniance. A day waiting with new equipment is long, did not get an answer on the hot swap part yet.
Apreciated the answer you gave, but do not have the possibility to do that.
By the way, lots of respect for the work you do.


This is a forum and not a realtime help system. Hot swap probably won’t work but why not test it yourself?


Give me the definition of a forum. Isn’t that a site were people exchange
experiences, knowledge and help eachother in a common matter of interest?
Yes I will try it myself and let you know.


That is what a forum is meant for but it is usually NOT a realtime exchange where you get your responses immediately


I understand, but if the topic is hot enough you will be swamped with more
responses you can handle in a couple of minutes.
My topic wasn’t hot anymore so I tried another way,(did not succeed)
Anyway, thanks for the time to respond.


Hot swap does not work. System hangs itself, everything frozen, only mouse works


Drive works OK now. This is how:
Got the little program from SonyNec by email, put the drive in a system that recognice the drive and changed the setting to slave. Laptop started up en Windows XP installed the new found hardware.
The Optiarc_63x_ATAChange_Tool.zip is the one that works, the 7630 does not.
Just an update to let you know.