Optiarc AD-7633A I need set to master

Please help!
I need to set AD-7633A as master for my laptop. I am looking for flashing utility or other way to set it as master. Please help me. (Sorry, my English)

Ivan P.

You could try if the Master and Slave tools on our Optiarc AD-7540A page also work on your 7633 drive.

In addition, getting the firmware for this drive would be very much appreciated :flower:

Tools for Optiarc AD-7540A doesn’t work on my 7633 drive.


The drive needs to be recognized by your PC of course. So you may have to use a slimline IDE adapter and a regular PC instead of a notebook.

However most NEC / Optiarc drives are already set to master, so you may need a tool for setting it to slave. In case someone can provide me with an SPTI trace of the original NEC / Optiarc tools for setting the drive to master / slave, I could create such a tool myself which should be able to support new drives too.

The Optiarc_7630_ATAChange_Tool.exe dated 2006/12/01
Should work but doesn’t! -Hope to have a rewritten one next week! -i’ll post here when it arrives!

What exactly does not work? How did you try to change your drive? Remember that the drive already needs to be recognized in order to switch the IDE mode. (e.g. Binflash should see the drive too)

The Sony NEC Optiarc website now has an Ata setting utility that works
The file is called Optiarc_G63x_ATAChange_Tool.exe

Hope that helps.

Sorry I missed your question.
The 7630 Ata change utility didn’t recognise the AD-7633A drive as existing Tech support thought it should!-the error was the same even if no drive was connected! (the only helpfull information was that SPTI was ready (don’t know what that means?. The New utility gives a choice of
Normal ATA.
Reverse ATA.
Master only.
Slave only.

When Should would I use reverse ATA? Is it an alternative to *** only or different?

Thanks David.

Normal setting is “Normal ATA” - if that doesn’t work “Reverse ATA” should always work. It all depends upon the laptop’s IDE implementation. Some companies (cough Toshiba cough) badly mess things up here.

By the way: SPTI is a Windows interface for accessing devices.

seems like only way to get that tool is to email them with your drive details… was hoping to grab a direct download for it to change my 7633A drive from master to slave

I could offer an indirect download link. The tool at the bottom of this page should work.

thanks but that ive already triied that tool, seems its not compatible with the 7633a, i think this had been stated before in a previos post.
guess i’ll have to keep looking or hope that the optiarc website link starts working again