Optiarc AD-7630A: any way to *really* speed it up?

Having only tried cheap low-quality media on my new NEC so far, I decided to buy and try some Verbatim AZO 16x certified discs.

On the low-quality media, the drive stays at 2x up to 15%, then at 4x till 50%, then at 6x till 95% and only then speeds up to 8x for the remaining 5% of a full disc.

Right now I’m simulating a burn on a Verbatim, and it does exactly the same thing, no speed increase at all…
Obviously this is unacceptable, as even my old TSST drive could do much better than that.

I’ve tried the writing strategy editor offered here, but I can’t see anything faster to replace the writing strategy with; all the 8x strategies are in the form of

8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x

so I can’t see how I could make the drive move earlier from the initial low speed up the scale to 8x.

Is there any way to do that?

Total burn time for a Verbatim disc of size 4417MB at selected speed of 8x, including lead-in and lead-out, is 13’ 30". Does that sound acceptable for a laptop drive? Or should I be looking for a replacement?

Thanks in advance for all your precious help!

Here’s the Nero result. Is there any way to improve this? Average speed of not even 6x makes me want to go back to my old TSST :rolleyes:

Basicly these write speed graphs are absolutly normal for laptop drives. +R disks might be burned a bit faster with CAV, as you can see in the NEC-ND-7551A review.