Optiarc AD-7590A error while dumping firmware

Just purchased the AD-7590A drive to update my Dell D800 laptop and have swapped it into the Dell drive carrier; also have pulled down Binflash v1.47.
When I go to dump the current firmware I receive an “Error reading firmware from the drive” message. The file is only 53K in size.
The drive has an April 2009 mfrg date and does have v1.05 firmware; in RPC1 (http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42501) I found a reference that states “…
As a result, Sony NEC Optiarc has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sony Group under the name of Sony Optiarc as of December 5, 2008.” There are also links to new separate locations for downloads.
My basic question is: if my drive is that new does it mean that the chipset is no longer NEC and I will have to resort to other means of downloading/ flashing the firmware? :sad:

COLOR ME. I was not in Safe Mode, that worked just fine.