Optiarc AD-7583S LX01

Hi: I just bought this Gateway P-7801u FX notebook that came with the Optiarc AD-7583S with f/w LX01. I searched at Gateway web site for a new firmware and in notebook forum, with no luck. What I want is to convert it to a RPC1, or to a RPC2 autoreset. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance

What about crossflash? Is this possible?
Thanks again

I also have an Optiarc AD-7583S with firmware LX01. I have a 60%/40% Region 1/2 DVD collection and need to go RPC1 if at all possible.

There doesn’t appear to be anything for it on Liggy & Dee’s pages or anywhere else. Any help much appreciated.

i too have this dvd drive

Seems not enough people have it for anyone to care.
Checked the Sony/Optiarc/Nec site and our model is not even there.
Not supported by anyone. Our little orphan dvd.
Yet another NEC product left to die. :sad:

This drive seems to be a QSI OEM drive, not a genuine NEC design.