Optiarc AD-7563A Custom F/W and BinFlash Support

Any chance there will be custom firmware and binflash support for the Optiarc AD-7563A slim notebook DVD+RW coming in the near future?

Nero Info Tools information attached.

Does Binflash offer writing an identification file for this drive?

As far as I remember, the AD-7560A was not based on a NEC design, so I doubt that the AD-7563A is and this would mean no Binflash support.

Binflash doesn’t recognize the drive, no detected devices. I thought I might have read somewhere that this drive could be an LG GSA-T20N. Any idea where I might dig to find out whose drive it really is since it isn’t Sony/NEC?

Well, for anyone else who might be looking for the same thing - I think this is a lost cause. It appears this drive is actually a Quanta Storage (QSI) SDW-087F. From what I can find, there is ZERO support for firmware for this drive anywhere. Looks like it’s time to update to a better drive :Z

I have this drive too. I´m in Brazil, but I cant play Brazilian DVDs because region protection.

I need help.