Optiarc AD - 7560A

I bought one Acer Aspire 5520 laptop.
It came with Windows Vista but I installed XP, everything was running perfectly, I got all the drivers from Acer website.
When I try to record a DVD or a CD, a message box apears: “Windows does not suport this format, please use another disk”

my DVD drive reads normaly, the problem is to record data, in CD’s or DVD’s

this model doesn’t appear in Optiarc’s website, so I cant update the firmware, or get a driver.

anyone knows a way to solve the problem?
the only way is to put Vista again?

Thnak you very much
Victor Cacciari Miraldo

I’m not sure the disc writer software integrated into XP supports writing DVDs (there may be a recent update to address that, though). But most people use 3rd party software.