Optiarc AD-7560



I Have acer 5520G laptop/ Dvd is optiarc AD-7560 when i download a firmware on this drive???


fw revision format not case to optiarch`s ordinary format


BUFFALO DVSM-P58U2/B-WH was bought. Optiarc DVD RW AD-7560A USB Device

DVD RW AD-7560S Firmware Upgrade Program Version SS03


DVD RW AD-7560S Firmware Upgrade Program Version SS03




I have a Clevo M860TU laptop with Optiarc AD-7560S with firmware SX01. The aforementioned SS03 firmware update (which is for Sony VAIO laptops) does not perform the update.

Does anyone know any other Optiarc firmware updates?

I have serious problems with CD-RWs, and I think it is a firmware issue.




i have this drive Optiarc AD-7560S (SATA) to.
Firmware SX07 is installed, if somebody need this, how can I extract the Firmware? (Binflash 1.46b don’t work)?


Are you sure that it is SX0[B]7[/B]?
If so, i’d be intrested. :stuck_out_tongue:
I always thought SX03 was the latest, but even that one isn’t online anywhere. :eek:


hi sonic7

how can I extract the Firmware?


there was sony release S[B]S[/B]03 quite a bit back before…
as i think you [B]may[/B] try lite-0n/mediatek tools to extract fw
*i dont make clear how to use tool from qsi(


Firmware SD05 from DELL can be used on AD-7560S built in non-VAIO laptops