Optiarc AD-7543A: how to slow dvd reading speed? +bitsetting question


I just bought this fine slim drive and I’m happy with its abilities except for DVD(+/-)R reading speed.
It seems there is no way to slow it down: Nero Drivespeed reports only 6x and 8x speeds which result in excess noise.
I tried to force slower values (2x, 4x) by defining them manually, to no avail. CD Bremse does not work either.
(No issue with DVD-Video playback though, since I did not unriplock the drive.)

Any way to force slower reading? future patched firmwares, maybe?

Another question : I flashed the drive with LiggyDee’s Firmware 1.00bt then defined the booktypes as DVD-ROM with BinFlashGUI (screenshot below)… and yet after burning DVD+R[W] with Nero, they still show as +R[W] using Nero Toolkit utilities for instance.

What did I wrong with the settings?

Already browsed the forum but sadly few threads deal with this piece of hardware. Thanks for any help or information! :o

Some news about the Booktype settings:
I tried to re-flash the firmware properly using LiggyDee’s 1.00btRPC1 then back to 1.00bt, the Booktype setting now works though only for DVD+R.
No luck when burning DVD+RW.
That’s a minor flaw anyway.

Try CD Bremse for controlling the read speed.

To activate Booktype DVD-ROM for RW media, you first need a virgin DVD+RW media. But it’s hit or miss if this feature works correctly.

Already tried CD Bremse. No way: it detects dvd speeds ranging from 1x to 5x (was 6x-8x according to Nero Drivespeed) but does not have any effect on the drive.

Thanks for the tip regarding DVD+RW!