Optiarc AD-7540A Won't Burn Audio CDs


I recently “upgraded” from Vista to XP pro, and since then my burner hasn’t been working properly.

It burns Data-CDs without a problem, but if I try to burn an audio CD or from an ISO it gives me an error and doesn’t burn even though it was working fine in Vista (reason I reinstalled XP was a vital program doesn’t work in Vista)

I’ve tried with a couple of types of media, and no difference.

The error from CDXPBurner Pro 3 is:

Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disc.
Writing error of unknown origin (1005).
Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 3 ASC: C ASCQ:0

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and the firmware and drivers are up to date. Any help would be most appreciated, I’m sort of out of ideas… :frowning: