Optiarc AD 7530A Burning problems


Some months ago I’ve bought a Compaq Presario V6302EU notebook, It contains an Optiarc AD 7530A optical drive. Almost every disk burned by it stop playing after 10 to 50 minutes on a stand-alone dvd player. They play fine on the notebook itselve.
I’ve tried lots of things like reducing the burning speed, changing the burning software, changing the brand of disk. I’ve also burned the same file with the same burning software on the same disk on my desktop and then everything goes like it should.
Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a compatibility problem with the stand alone player.

Forgot to mention that I’ve also tried different stand-alone players.

I’ve noticed that the drive does not burn the high-numbered sectors correctly. To me this seems a media problem. The drive seems to be very picky then. So I am going to replace it.
I’m not able to loate the OPTIARC AD 7530A on the Internet anymore so what’s a good compatible drive? Should fit in a HP COMPAQ PRESARIO V6302EU niotebook.

You could try updating the firmware, then try cleaning the lense with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol /isopropyl alcohol/.

If it doesn’t work, then any slim ide burner will work. Here is some: LINK

Thanks for supporting me. I haven’t been able to locate updated firmware. Most likely because it’s an OEM drive used bij several manufacturers like HP.
SONY-OPTIARC warn on their site not to use their firmware because it won’t work with OEM drives. If you have a link to updated firmware please pass it on to me.
Anyway thanks again.

Doesn’t look like there is any support for the drive. Some research says that the drive isn’t made by nec /its rebadged/ but buy whome I don’t know. They said its got the mediatek chipset, but no one tried mtkflash to dump the firmware and let Liggy look at it, Old thread here.

If you want to play with the drive a little more, you can go to that thread, try dumping the FW with mtkflash and posting the bin file on that thread for liggy to look at it. It might be possible to crossflash the drive to a more current FW.

Otherwise just replace it :slight_smile:

I will do both. Replacing it and dumping the firmware. The latter next weekend or so since I’m too busy right now.
So this thread may be closed
Thanks again, it’s nice to know that there are people who are willing to think along.