Optiarc AD-7530A Burning Badly


So i have an HP dv6500t laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit that just so happens to have an Optiarc AD-7530A DVD burner…
(4GB RAM, 250GB HDD)

However, when I got to burn, I continuously get bad burns…

Basically here is what happens… everything will be burning fine and then around 10% all burning will stall. The disk will spin and the burner will make noise but no data will be written. This will last about 10min. Then all of a sudden it will start to burn fine again for a while. Then around 40-60% and then again at like 90% the same thing will occur. The resulting disk does not read well and when looking at the part that is burnt it does not look very nice at all. Kind of uneven almost.

I have tired the following programs and each of them have had the same issue:
Cheeta DVD Burner
Roxio (Basic)

I have tried the following mediums:
Memorex CD-R, TDK CD-R
Memorex DVD+R, TDK DVD+R

I have never had any issues with these mediums before.

Also, when using Nero cdspeed util on a Sony DVD+RW disk on simulate mode, everything was perfect. I haven’t written anything to them yet though… I know Optiarc is made by Sony and NEC… they wouldn’t pull anything mean and be like “you must use sony mediums!” would they? I know RW is diff from R so that might be the case as well…

Data seems to read fine off of already burnt medium.
I also can’t find much on google about this particular model of burner… and its not eve on the optiarc website…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also when burning I don’t get any specific error messages to report…


I have tried the following mediums:
Memorex CD-R, TDK CD-R
Memorex DVD+R, TDK DVD+R

I have never had any issues with these mediums before.


Get Verbatim and TY, the Memorex media is crap.

so i was able to successfully burn to a SONY DVD+RW… but this drive is partially made by sony… i think they did this on purpose…

what about TDK media? any good? or is it simply possible that optiarc opted to favor sony media?

i know +rw is diff from +r so perhaps that is it as well…

any other ideas? thanks

roxio gave me this error on the TDK media i have:

Sense: 03 ASC: 0C ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)


correction on tdk disc:

its actually DVD-R and the manufacturer is CMC

Chances are, you just need to stick to good media. Sony can’t pull strings for purely Sony media–they use media manufactured by Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, and occasionally Daxon. :iagree:

CMC is okay with some desktop drives, and the odd laptop drive, but in a lot of cases, you can forget about it.

If you try with some Verbatim or other higher quality media, you’ll be able to see if the drive is dead or if it just didn’t like your media. :flower:

thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I shall try that.

I have been reading up on Taiyo Yuden and it seems to be some of the best media… the only store I found selling it was http://www.supermediastore.com
but they don’t have any dvd’s with labels that have lines on them… i know its a silly request but are there any other stores that i can buy them from?


i know this is an old post, but i have trouble again.

I went out and bought some Verbatim DVD-R and i [I]still [/I]have this problem :frowning:

Media Code: MCC03RG20

It is burning SO SLOW. I have no idea what is going on.

I found some older Sony DVD+R 4x and thoose worked fine… but these new verbatim are crap o.O

is there anything i can do? is it the drive?

this was a strange looking burn… It has a “stair step” effect getting faster as it goes… wtf.

what a crappy quality burn… i don’t know if the media sucks or the drive… i mean i did go buy verbatim…

any help would be nice.

[QUOTE=cisbrane75;1963031]this was a strange looking burn… It has a “stair step” effect getting faster as it goes… wtf.


The point is, slimtype drives (the ones in Laptops( are always slower burners than normal ones (half height).
Depending on the used media and its MID/mediacode, the drives gets the MID from the disc, checks for a writestrategy in the firmware and chooses the most appropriate strategy for writing to the disc.

What you see is just normal with slimtype drives. What counts most of all is the media/quality!

Also, I’m not sure if your burner really gives reliable scanning results.
So don’t rely on that results.

this may be true, but my last laptop burner which i believe was a pioneer had no problems with any media at all. this one has trouble writing to anything except the lucky sony disc. i mean it even messes up cd-r. i found a doc for a similar model number (mine i can’t find anywhere or firmware updates even for that matter :frowning: ) and it reccomended the use of verbatim dvd-r. and now, this drive keeps taking a long time and messing up. when i look at the back of my dvd, you can see like three"shades" of color of where it was burnt. it goes dark, medium, light, color of DVD where no data was burnt. that just doesn’t seem right to me.

is it possible that since i am running vista x64 i am having this issue? like it could be a bad driver or something?

Burning with Z-CLV [the Zoned Constant Linear Velocity; the “steps” you point out above] will produce the colored bands that you notice on the back with some drives/media.

Truth be told, laptop drives in general aren’t the best burners for 16x media. I get better results with 8x and 4x media, which are better suited for slower burn speeds. I also think that 8x with some laptop drives is too fast, and the sweet spot is burning at 6x or 4x–like the Sony media.

That said, I have to agree with [B]chef[/B] that the drive may or may not be a reliable scanner.

Can all of the drives you have read the disc back? Also, what do the results of the Sony 4x media scan like?

I couldn’t really find any thing else besides 16x, but is there a way to do CLV or CAV instead of Z-CLV , or will it not make much of a diff.

I’ll get the screens of the sony dvd quality up later today.

I don’t think there’s a way to change between the write methods, but I doubt there would make too much of a difference. All you can do is set the write speed lower, though I’m not sure how much that will help.

You could maybe get an “better” burner in an external and burn using that one.
Th key to success with almost any slimtype burner is to use reliable media, means mainly TY & Verbatim.

Writestrategies are bound to write-methods and the firmware/media combination.

here is the sony disc. it is actually media code:

the ScanDisc thingy gave a 100% good surface scan on a verbatim dvd i made earlier. dunno if this really means much…

so i went and returned the DVD-R Verbatim and got DVD+R

Verbatim DVD+R made in Taiwan, old style packaging
MCC 004

I burned at 6x and got MUCH better results. the quality scan first gave it a 98 for a while, then 92, 90. Overall these are MUCH better results. I wonder if this drive simply likes +R media better than -R media.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the helps. I have learned a lot :slight_smile: