Optiarc AD-7283S i can't set the Booktype

Just bought a brand new Sony Optiarc AD-7283S with FW:1.01
Impossible to set the booktype DVD+R to DVD-ROM !

I tried with Binflash and 101bt_orig.bin and Binflash replies :

  • Firmware is for a different drive.

can someone help me?

Thanks a lot.

Just sent you a PM. Hopefully I can add support for this drive soon.

I have Sony Optiarc AD-7283S with FW 1.01
I tried with Binflash 1.62 GUI Win64 and 101bbt_rpc1.bin and Binflash replies:

Identified drive: 190 - 3131
Detected drive from Firmware: 166 - 3037

AD-7283S firmware for the “190” drive still needs to be worked on. Sorry