Optiarc AD-7261S - issue with DMA & PIO

I have a problem with enabling DMA with this drive.

WIth DMA and no disc in drive, Nero and Imgburn starts up okay. Using Kprobe to query the drive will hang everything for awhile. I can later get to Task Manager to reboot.

With DMA and a blank disc, Nero and Imgburn will hang the OS as they attempt to read the disc. I get a
“The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort3, did not respond within the timeout period.” error in the Event Viewer when leaving the blank disc in during the hard reboot.

With PIO everything works, but of course slower.

I’ve tried changing the SATA cable and moving to another port, no effect.

WinXP Home SP3
AD-7261S manufacturer firmware v1.03

Could this be a drive hardware issue or firmware?



this might be an issue of the storage controller your drive is connected to.
You might try if updated drivers for the chipset/storage controller does help.

Also you may check if there is a Bios update for your motherboard.


Michael, thanks for your suggestions.

no new bios/drivers for my old system.

looks like a burner issue.
sent back for a replacement, because Binflash couldn’t read the firmware and Nero Info locked up.

Could be still an controller issue.