Optiarc AD-7260S with firmware 1.61?

Just bought Sony Optiarc AD-7260S. According to Nero InfoTool, firmware is 1.61, which I can’t find information about anywhere.

I like to use one of Liggy’s bitsetting firmware. Can I use 1.60, or preferably 1.03, which I believe is newer?


You could also dump your 1.61 firmware, provide it to me and wait for a patched version. In the meantime you could also use any other 7260S firmware that is accepted by Binflash

Liggy, how do I send you the 1.61 firmware? For now, should I stick with 1.60 bitsetting firmware, or use 1.03? What’s the difference anyway?

It’s hard to tell the differences between all the single firmwares. Some may be almost identical to other, some have improved compatibility with different media or fix bugs. I’ll PM you an email address where you can send that firmware to.

Official 1.61 updater from manufacturer http://www.sony.com.tw/DS/UserFiles/product_download/DRU880S_161_InqChk_Updater.exe

Binflash can burn it fine into 7260 fw1.60.

Original and patched versions of this firmware will be made available very soon. :wink:

Liggy, good that you didn’t forget about this firmware :slight_smile:

I already patched to Liggy’s bitsetting firmware 1.03. Few dvds I burned reads fine. I wonder if I should change when Liggy’s firmware 1.61 comes out?

Almost everything is ready to be published.

And I also don’t think that there’s a big difference between 1.03 and 1.61.

How come they have both 1.0x and 1.6x firmwares for this drive?

1.0* for bulk drives, 1.6* for retail (that’s my guess)

Thanks for your reply Liggy.

So should I use the one matching the original firmware in the drive or do you recommend a version for all drives?

I’m quite sure that > 99% of all users won’t notice a difference - so who cares?

[QUOTE=Liggy;2603249]I’m quite sure that > 99% of all users won’t notice a difference - so who cares?[/QUOTE]

One of the “99 percenters” here - - I have a 7260 which I am positive is running the original FW. Two questions:

How can I verify the version
What does Liggy’s and Dee’s modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares do differently (or better) than the original


Nero InfoTool or Binflash can show current firmware versions

Our patched versions offer support for Bitsetting on DVD+R/+RW and remove region code restrictions. You can find details in the readme.txt that should come with every firmware download.