Optiarc AD-7260S does not burn RICOHJPN W21



My new AD-7260S (FW 1.03) does not burn my older Ricoh 8x speed rewritables. (Mediacode: RICOHJPN W21) Not even at 1x speed… I tried NERO BurningROM version and also ImgBurn, last version.

Can it be that the discs are corrupt due to their age (A few years, not written very often). Can anyone verify that the 7260S does have problems with these +RW’s from Ricoh? Or are there people that can burn these without any problems?

+R discs from Ricoh are burned okay, also a 10x speed CD rewritable does just fine.

The shop where I bought the burner, says Mediacode is not important, it’s just a productnumber. Modern writers should burn everything. (I doubt his knowledge in this case, He doesn’t even know how to get the Mediacode…)


You should ask the manufacturer itself.

1x speed doesnt even apply to DVD+RW! The slowest speed is 2.4x!!!