Optiarc AD-7241S Not working with DVDisaster

I have a strange one here. I have the Optiarc AD-7241S installed, and it seems to be running find under XP. One of the reasons I got it was to save off some older stuff on DVD archives, and to do that with some hope of reliability, I wanted to use DVDisaster.

DVDisaster installs fine, seems to start fine. When I look at the “drives” selector, the Optiarc shows up as the only drive selection, which is correct.
My first test was to scan a known-working disk to start learning DVDisaster.

This appears to start, and simply … never shows any action on the scan. It’s not hung, I can abort the action, etc. It just doesn’t work. This is done while signed on as an administrator.

Signed on as a non-administrator user as I normally do, DVDisaster doesn’t even show the disk as available for use - it’s not present in the drive pulldown.

Meanwhile, the disk appears to read and write disks fine - just not with DVDisaster, as both Admin and user.

I’ve done the normal googling and searching forums for any leads and have turned up nothing on this, so I’m issuing a cry for help worthy of any newbie. If you have any leads, I can happily run them down. I just can’t find any.