Optiarc AD-7240S DVD burner review

I just posted the article Optiarc AD-7240S DVD burner review.

With a great writing quality and decent speed, the Optiarc AD-7240S is generally a very good drive

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:slight_smile: :wink: :g very pleased and i must say i always try to buy this make optiarc

The last Positive kind of wipes out the first Negative thanks to the reviewer :wink: :B

sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened
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@bob If we had SL booktyping firmware for the 7241S or 7243S it’d wipe out BOTH negatives.

It appears to me that this review has been changed from when I read it initially.

Initially when I read it I swear it stated that one negative was that the writing performance on some DL media could be improved, but now that statement is missing. Also, on the DAE page, it previously stated it did not cache, but had a screenshot showing caching as YES (or vice versa). Finally, on the bottom of the DVD-RAM page, it states “Now let’s head to the special features page where we will check out LightScribe and SmartErase……” neither of which are available on this drive.

After publishing the review, the only changes that have been made were spelling mistakes.

I used a previous drive review (LiteOn iHAS422) as a template for my review and that’s where Lightscribe and SmartErase come from. Looks like you are the first one who noticed this :o

For burning audio CD’s some CD-R jitter figures would be nice for all writer reviews!

I have an AD-7240S_1.03 myself of course. Great review, thanks a lot from me too! This drive is truly the best one. It and Win7 were the two products I watched closely to already own at day 1 of release this year. One of the best buys ever!