Optiarc AD-7220



Just bought an Optiarc Ad-7220A (OEM) as a replacement. Because it’s OEM there’s no documentation with it, naturally. I’m looking for possible firmware updates and some instructions on the jumper settings (it’s ATA). I cannot find any mention of the 7220 series on the Optiarc site nor anywhere else, except at vendors sites. The drive itself was manufactured in Sept 08 but I don’t know how old the model is. I believe the “A” refers to the color.

Anyone know anything about this model? Is is brand new?

Thanks for some direction here.



AD-7220 is the newest as I knew.But the main difference between recorders is the Master Chips which likes the head of a body to control main action.

I would like to suggest that you should open the box carefully and read the Master Chips nummber,excaple "NEC MC-10043 " in AD-7200.

Looking forward to returning, so i know whether it the new tpye.

Good Luck!

  1. It’s a brand new model.

  2. It’s a rebadged Lite-On iHAP322 (DH-22A8P). It uses a MedaTek chipset, as all Lite-On drives do.

  3. There are no firmware updates for the drive yet. It’s too new.

  4. The drive is listed on the Optiarc site here: http://www.sony-optiarc.eu/supportservice/downloads/dvddrivesdesktoppcs/ad7220a.html

  5. The jumper settings are the same as they were on your last IDE burner. The left is usually Cable Select, the middle is Slave, and the right is Master. There should be an etched diagram on the drive that points this out. All DVD burners have this. There’s no need for instructions because most IDE burners have standardized on the same jumper settings. If you’ve set one, you’ve set them all.


Thanks Negritude. I installed the Optiarc as it came (cable select) and it’s working fine. It replace a Lite-on model that was about 2.5 yrs old when it failed.