Optiarc AD-7203S: I can't write a disk without glitches



I can’t make a right burn! There is always some “glitch” in the graph of DiskSpeed or cdSpeed. I am including information about the burner I am using, the media and the burning speed, as well as screenshots from the DiskScpeed. I am doing the reads with my LG DVD-ROM: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDRH20N 0L02.

My burner:

  • Optiarc DVD RW AD-7203S 1.04 (as SATA)

My motherboard chipset:

  • Intel P35

Media info

I grabed the recorder/media information with dvd+rw-mediainfo. All burns are with ImgBurn v2.4.1.0.

TYG03 burned at 6x

TYG03 burned at 8x

TYG03 burned at maximum speed

TYG03 burned at 8x (same spline)but with my old burner, Nec ND-3520A, for referance

YUDEN000/T03 burned at 6x

TYG02 burned at 6x

What am I doing wrong? Do I have the wrong media? Did I tried the wrong speeds?

Also, does the filesystem that I choose matter? For example iso9660, Joliet, UDF.


Well to start the LG is not the best drive to use for scanning.
Also suggest you use CD/DVDSpeed ( over DiscSpeed.


But why use the older version of CD/DVDSpeed? The newer version will probably have improovements. They just renamed the program into DiskSpeed. Also I can’t find version, there a version on their website though.

And yes, you are right, the reader does mater :slight_smile: I tried another reader I have, an IDE Teac DV-516G F4S3 and here is the scans I got.

As a remind, the media is:

  • media 1: DVD-R 1-16x, branded as Maxwell, ID: TYG03
  • media 2: DVD+R 1-16x certified and up to 20x compatible, branded as Tayo Yuden (diskimpex.gr), ID: YUDEN000/T03
  • media 3: DVD-R, branded as That’s, ID: TYG02


So, they look good right? There were some errors though… Is there any other check I can try? Will it hurt if I make the checks with my recorder? My understand is that it’s better not to do that.


Since Imageshack links expire, I am adding as a referance the pictures from the first post as Photobucket links that (as far as I know), do not expire.



1.So, they look good right?
2.There were some errors though…
3.Is there any other check I can try?
4.Will it hurt if I make the checks with my recorder? My understand is that it’s better not to do that.


2.There are always errors.
3.Maybe do a Scan disc but i don’t see why you should do that.
4.Most of us here do all of our tests with a dvd-rw not a dvd-rom drive, a benq or liteon for scan and a benq nec/optiarc for transfer rate tests.


@ jsmith6.
CD/DVDSpeed is often more recent, version wise.
This maybe because it is more widely used.
DiscSpeed isn’t just just a renamed CD/DVDSpeed.
Otherwise it wouldn’t give such differing ( & poor ) results when performing TRT’s.
The latest version with Nero is appalling. (IMHO)


I have the answer to my question, it was the reader that was causing the “jitter”.

Thank you!