Optiarc AD-7203A - who needs this drive?

The AD-7203A does some quite good jobs…burning double layered media like RICOHJPN-D01 for instance.
With single layered DVDs it produces some honest results too.

toasting/reading DVD±RW? Awful!
Roasting well temperatured Audio-CDs with TY? :sad::sad::sad:

Ok, there are other drives which can do.

But 7203 means Labelflash, ist no 7200.
Nero 8.2 shopws silly results, maybe Neros part.
Cyberlinks Labelprint and Yamahas Labelflash Index Maker aren’t silly, burned once the results are ok.
Burning several times to risen contrast is no good idea because the repositioning isn’t exactly.

Changing burning speed? Oh… an emty box opens to play with
DiscT@2? read here
1.0, 1.01, 1.04, 1.05 , all within a couple of weeks, the drive seems to be very crude.
LF was implemented without any tests.

I have tried quite a few burners with RW media and the best were always older NEC drives, the 4500 series and earlier. Maybe you can find one of those around?