Optiarc AD-7203A/S Results & Discussion

And another MBI disc, Samsung Pleomax 16x DVD-R, smells like B grade again!

And last test I have done so far.

BenQ 16x DVD-R made by Daxon. Another good result. This NEC drive seems to be an really stable performer that can do good even with lower quality media.

Thanks for the tests [B]OC[/B]
And more proof that this series of drives is a big step forward for NEC/Optiarc.

Traxdata 16x DVD-R, by ritek, Medium quality discs as always with ritek.

Ricoh 16x +R. The spike at the middle is probably some dust fragment on disc while writing it, nothing to worry about.

Time for some really BAD QUALITY disc. PRinco 8x DVD-R.

The NEC did surprisingly well with this media.

and one BAD QUALITY 8x DVD+R too, Prodye Video.

Surprisingly good again! I’m starting to fall in love with this ND-7203A drive


Stop it, please. You are killing me. I want one of these so bad and they are not available yet here in the States.

@The Kipper

This new 720x series look very promising, just look at this +R DL

Very nice results.

[QUOTE=The Kipper;1969399]OC-Freakj

Stop it, please. You are killing me. I want one of these so bad and they are not available yet here in the States.[/QUOTE]

You are asking for it! The next result is going to kill you :wink:

Optodisc R016 (Pleomax)
Burn speed 16x

Now for the surprise!

Emtec 8x DVD+R DL (Made in Macau with faked Ricoh code).

So far no drives has been able to make readable discs with this media, so my hopes were not too high!

But whopidoo, wrote at full 8x speed, no slowdowns, and the disc is fully readable! (Even though the quality results are horrible). NEC just takes one step ahead of the other drives I have by doing this.

I will find one somewhere reasonable, newegg will get them before to long I hope anyways.

Since the 7203A has LF, unless Optiarc has a new policy with exporting these drive types to the U.S. market, don’t bet on Newegg or other etailer of carrying these. :frowning:

I personally don’t see the lack of LabelFlash as a bad thing. The 7200 is the same hardware as the 7203 and performs every bit as well as the 7203. I would guess the 7200 will for sure be available in the USA. or even the 5200 (again the same hardware). So getting hold of this hardware should not be a great problem. :wink:

AD-7203S, 1.01bt
Verbatim, MCC 03RG20, @16x, 5:30
Scanned with 20A1H and 7203S

AD-7203S, 1.01bt
Verbatim, MCC 03RG20, @18x, 5:03
Scanned with 20A1H and 7203S
Looks like 18x is too much for my media.

Optiarc AD-7203A fw. 1.01
Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004) @16x in 5:23min.

IMHO a very nice result. :smiley:

Sweet result!

ePro 16X DVD-R at 16X.

Round house kicks!

ePRo 16x DVD+R at 16x.