Optiarc AD-7203A/S Results & Discussion


Thanks Jan
Fast burn:iagree:
Nice quality too. :clap::clap:
I can’t wait to get hold of one of this series of drives. :smiley:

Verbatim DVD-R 16x Made in India (MII)

Good burn Jan and great Jitter on the Verb for 20x WOW!

TYG03 (Verbatim)
Burn Speed 18x
Firmware Liggy’s 101bt

Now the AD-7203’s turn for some burns. As good as the AD-7200. :iagree:

will these be available in USA? i want a new labelflash drive.

Verbatim MCC03RG20 (CMC made) @ 20X.

It’s “ok” considering it’s 20x I guess :wink:

And TDK YUDEN000T03 at 20x, sloppy drive decided to slow down. :a

Overall I’m very disappointed by 20x media support, I had expected TYG03 and MCC004, and maybe some of the genuine maxell discs at 20x too.

Did your recorder makes weird noises at system boot and is louder than 7173???My new 7203 makes that strange sounds,but except that it seems to work fine…

Ok spam incoming…

First out is

MMORE 16x DVD+R, Moser Baer made disc.


MIRROR 16x DVD+R, also moser baer, but this smells like B grade or worse!

Imation 16x DVD-R by moser baer.

Mirror 16X DVD-R by moser baer… did someone say B-grade? :wink:

Freespace 16x DVD+R, optocrap as I prefer to call it. :wink:

Premium 16x DVD-R, most likely made by Daxon with Sony ID. I suspect B grade or worse, but the result is great. Written at 18x too.

Emtec 16x DVD+R. Made in Malaysia? WTF? Had no idea that CMC had a factory there? Oh well, the result is great anyway.

HP 16x DVD-R. Another CMC disc that gives good results on this drive.

Some more TY action.

First: TDK 16x DVD+R Taiyo Yuden written at 20x with no slowdowns.
Second: Maxell 16x DVD+R hub-print TY written at 20x with no slowdowns.

Time for some fun! Faked media codes… what will the drive do with these discs when the MID is supported at 20x?

Disc1: MMORE 16x DVD-R, faked MCC03RG20 media code. Written at full 20x speed.
Disc 2: unbranded (from www.dvdink.no ) 16x DVD-R, faked MCC03RG20. Written at 20x but with slowdowns at end.
Disc 3: Premium 16x DVD-R, faked MCC03RG20. Written at 20x. This smells like infosmart manufactured media judging by serial numbers.

The serial numbers on the discs are very different so I suspect all 3 are from different factories. The NEC did surprisingly well with this shit media.

More faked media, this time MCC004.

Disc 1: Premium 16x DVD+R, faked MCC004 written at 18x but with slowdowns.
Disc 2: NoName 16x DVD+R, faked MCC004 written at full 18x speed.

Again surprisingly good results.