Optiarc AD-7201S won't read discs

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7201S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I purchased a new PC in September last year, from http://www.ginger6.com, whcih included the Optiarc AD-7201S.

The drive is extremely temperamental when it comes to reading pre-purchased discs, such as game discs.

For example, the drives takes maybe 10 or more attempts to read GTA4 (when I say attempts I mean having ejected and re-loaded the disc 10 or more times)…it will just make a sort of make a “reading attempt” noise every 6 seconds, then just stop.

I thought the disc might be faulty, but a replacement has made no difference. What’s really wierd is that music CDs seem to be no problem in being read.

Because of these issues I haven’t even tried burning a disc yet; in fact, there is no disc burning software installed.

The PC came with no OS, so I’ve installed XP Home (now at SP3). I’ve tried updating the drive’s firmware, but this has made no difference.

I suppose my only hope is to go back to Ginger6 and say they’ve supplied me with a faulty drive??

Please help!

This sounds very much like a faulty drive. You best get it replaced.

Mine did the exact same thing, finally crapped out just last week (which is why I’m here and found this thread).
GTA4 was the only disk that really had the problem, same exact symptoms you are having, but I bought 2 new DVDs (movies) last week that would not play at all.
CDs and burned DVDs still read fine, but no DVD-ROMs would load at all .

I’ve chalked it up as a POS (seems to be a common thing also) and intend to replace it with the 7241S, as it seems (by the reviews here and elsewhere) that it’s a very good model.