Optiarc AD-7200S Layer Type

I was curious if it was possible to change the “layer type” that a drive burns a DVD+R as. When I burn an ISO to disc, it is “Layer Type: Recordable” before and after the burn, but when my friend burns the same ISO to another disc in the same spindle with his DVD drive, it becomes “Layer Type: Read-only” afterwards. A device I am using requires read-only layer types, so it’d be great to flash my drive with a modified firmware to enforce this layer type.

I am using a Sony NEC Optiarc Optiarc AD-7200S.
Thank you for the great tool, I used it to set the booktype on it :slight_smile:

You should search for BinFlash Gui 1.64.

Noticed your issue on Github, but didn’t have time before to reply. I assume you want to set the booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. For this you only need a firmware that supports bitsetting and with Binflash you need to change the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-ROM.
Hope this helps

Ah, I didn’t realize there was a GUI component to binflash, I had used the CLI to flash my drive to update booktype bitsetting, but I didn’t see any mention of layer type in the customized firmware (which is different than booktyping).

@Liggy thanks, I wasn’t sure whether you checked your GitHub or not! I had replied on GitHub, but if you prefer to keep this discussion here, feel free to reply back on here.

I get email notifications from Github, but let’s keep it here. Will close the issue at Github later as it’s not really about Binflash :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I’m not aware of this layer type data and don’t think I would be able to easily track this down in the firmware. I know the code that’s changing the booktype settings, however I never looked at the firmware location that eventually reads the settings in the write process and then writes it to disk. I don’t think I will be able to help you on this one. Sorry.

No problem there, it was more of a feature request than an issue :slight_smile:

I suppose I’ll try and take apart the firmware and see if I can get anywhere (though I doubt it). Thanks for your time and the awesome tool

ImgBurn may have what you’re looking for also (book type setting) under
Tools->Drive->Change Book Type. There is an option for NEC …

Booktype is not the same as layertype.