Optiarc AD-7200A quit reading DVDs: suggestions for fix/replacement w/ bitset ability?

My Optiarc AD-7200A suddenly quit reading DVDs–went from perfectly operational for burns and reads to reading only CDs consistently, and either completely passing on DVDs or at best letting me browse the filesystem but not really read any files successfully. This seemed to happen after I read from a standard-sized circular mini-CD for the first time using this drive, but maybe that is mere coincidence and not causal. I haven’t attempted any burns with the drive since, as I always do a burn-and-verify in ImgBurn and now I won’t be able to verify.

Question 1: I’ve heard mixed opinions on lens cleaners, but seems like the general consensus is to avoid them on DVD writers, but, the drive’s essentially useless at this point anyway, so any specific recommendations on any lens cleaners to try using with this drive, or should I just move on?

Question 2: I bought a LiteOn IHAS224-06-A as a stop-gap measure, and I’ve had no luck trying to determine if there exists any mod firmware or other means of bitsetting my +R discs to DVD-ROM on this drive: anyone know if this can be done?

Question 3: what drive(s) is/are considered a great (and available) burner (SATA preferred) if one needs bitsetting ability?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

1: Did you install anything from that CD - drivers, software, etc. - that may be contributing to the drive problem? Or do you think the disc may have been badly warped and scratched the lens? Did you try flashing a new firmware, just for the heck of it?

  1. Get COdeKing’s settings utility to verify or change the current bitsetting on your 224 drive. http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities.html

  2. You may have all the drive you need with that 224 :). Lots of cross-flashing fun going on with the X24 Liteys. Look around in the Lite-on forum for info on that.


Before you give up on the 7200A drive - suggest going into your control panel - properties - devices and uninstalling the driver for this drive - reboot and let windows replace the driver with a fresh one - which sometimes solves this problem.

Firmware updates are rarely the fix for these reading type problems.

Regarding lens cleaners - outside of opening tray and blowing in canned air below the tray to try and clear any dust from the lens - running the disc type cleaners is a way to make sure that the drive may never work correctly and is certainly not recommended-eh!!

Thanks for the replies, deanwitty and bigmike7.

From the CD I mentioned, I installed drivers for a pci SATA controller but only to my Win XP install, but I don’t think this is the problem–the drive can’t read DVDs via the Win XP install on that pc, nor the Win 7 install, nor even boot from DVDs via that drive in the BIOS. I’m not using the drive on that controller (it’s PATA/IDE anyway, plugged right into the mobo). Looks more like a hardware issue of some kind. I guess that disc might have scratched the lens, but it was a CD and it and any other CD stills read just fine, it’s only DVDs that won’t read. :confused:

I’ve got the time, though, so I’ll try deleting the drivers anyway, and I’ll try reflashing the firmware failing that.

Thanks for the link and info on the LiteOn drive.

So lens cleaners are definite no-no’s, but blowing canned air in downward towards the lens is generally considered a viable last-ditch effort?

No, a last ditch effort would be to disassemble the drive a bit, so you can access the lens. Clean it with a soft cloth or Qtip and a very small amount of alcohol.

The drive uses two different lasers, one for reading/writing dvds and the other for cds. It is entirely possible that only one of them has died.