Optiarc AD-7200 Sata

I have a Optiarc AD-7200 Sata which has been working great since I got my pc. I recently upgraded to vista 64 and my dvd still burns and read cds and regular dvds great, but now it is no longer able to read and write DL dvds.

I updated to the latest drivers and checked the connections etc, but I just can’t get it to work again.

Any help you could offer would be great, thanks.


mobo: Foxconn X38A
vista 64
optiarc ad-7200 with the lated driver installed from the official page.

Please post a logfile and some info about this DL media.

I don’t have any log files, but the media I tried was a retail game, Fallout 3 and Traxdata DVD+R DL, both of which I have used before I updated to vista 64. The dvd rom doesn’t even recognice them as dvds.