Optiarc AD-7190s to LiteOn DH-20A3s just got one

i crossflashed it to the lite-on dh-20a3s and i have to say this is a really nice drive so far i yet to scan anything its burned i just have not had the time but i have to say it has burned anything ive thrown at it media wise even the junk i had laying around which was off-brand name cheapo stuff… so far everything has been playable and seems to be good quality. ill do some scans with a 1640 i have in a few days… but i have to say i am impressed… i also bought the sammy 203b and the pioneer 215 (coming from overseas i dont have it yet) so ill be testing out all three soon…have to say the dh is a wayyyy better burner than the pioneer 109 i had in there prior to this one

well i may have to change my mind here… it worked great for the first few days… yesterday and today all it did was burn very bad… discs are skipping all over the place or simply not playing back at all… ive scanned a few with neri and they are horrible… simply unacceptable. i flashed with the most current firmware are there any issues with that one that could cause this?? before i flashed and used it as a optiarc it seemed to do fine with everything now it simply sucks i may have to flash back i guess