Optiarc AD-7190A Strangeness

A brand new Optiarc AD-7190A drive that I just installed is doing some crazy things. For one, a factory pressed data CD shows a single disk error when I run a disk scan with CD/DVD speed. No other drive “catches” the error. Copying the CD and running the copy works fine.

Also, the drive shows up in My Computer, as expected, but there is also an entry for DVD-RAM. The AD-7190A is the only drive installed in the system. What’s up with that?

Would you mind showing us a screenshot of each scenario? That way, we can see and make sure we know exactly what you are talking about. Wouldn’t want to mis-diagnose any problems. :wink:

Forget the second one. It could be caused by UltraISO. Don’t know yet.

Here is the scan of the disk with the bad section. Remember, this flaw does not show up on any other drive I have tested, which means this drive is either better or worse than the others.

There’s a small chance that it’s just the drive spinning up to its full speed. I know Exact Audio Copy reports a timing problem during the time when other LiteOn drives spin CDs up to full RPM, but the copies are fine. Does any other CD give you the small block of errors?

Not that I can find. Here is a scan of another disk. All indicators point to the disk being bad, but it is a commercial disk (not a CDR), and the disk works fine in other burners.

What other drives do you have? LiteOn drives usually don’t report bad errors, and I would hope the DH-20A3P holds true to this.

The main drive I tested with is a Plextor. It did not have a problem. I will test in another drive (Lite-On and NEC) but I have to do some computer swapping before I can do that.)

On a related question, I noticed the following comment by Wendy on the CDFreaks News page:

For the last couple of years, NEC (now Sony NEC Optiarc) have produced DVD burners, probably starting with ND-455x series of drives and continuing up to the AD-717x series, which although in most parts operated within the manufacturers specification, failed to produce the performance or writing quality of its main rivals.

Does her comment mean that this 7190A drive is crap? I bought mostly NEC drives based on the reviews here (I have 3 or 4 3550As.) Now, it seems that she is saying that NEC quality took a nose dive while I wasn’t looking, so now I have a bad drive.

My luck with CD and DVD drives has not been good. I have two file boxes FULL of bad drives, including ones that I have replaced for friends. The drive in my best friend’s computer failed two years ago, I replaced it. That one failed a couple of months ago. I replaced it again. His computer is here now, and the drive is bad again. It writes disks as it should, but there is nothing on the disk. (It’s a DVDRW-IDE 16X, which appears to be a BTC DRW1016M, FW A091). While the drive is old, it has been rarely used.

BTC drives aren’t known for quality or longevity. :wink:

Oh, and her comment doesn’t mean that the drive is crap. Older NEC drives managed to burn some nice discs, but other manufacturers’ drives have had a bit better luck, providing extra quality. But the recent drives seem better in regards to quality. :iagree:

Maybe the drive it really is [LiteOn DH-20A3P] notices some small issue with that disc. But LiteOn drives have good error correction, so I wouldn’t worry about it. May just be a fluke with the specific disc and drive.

Which drive is really the LiteOn DH-20A3P?

I have done further testing, and the ONLY drive that reports the scan error is the Optiarc. If I can find the receipt, I’m going to return it. If there is nothing that I can enable or check, I assume that either the laser output or sensitivity is wrong, or the error correction is not working.

The Optiarc 7190A is a LiteOn DH-20A3P. Sorry that I didn’t make that clear. :doh:

Does a C1/C2 test show any errors? Is there a dip in the TRT when testing that same CD?

Interesting result. The scan with C1/C2 enabled is below. When the scan speed slowed to 8X, the disk error did not show up. (When I reduced the read scan to 8X, the scan hesitated at the bad spot, but it ultimately read as green.)

What is TRT?

Transfer Rate Test. When you first open CD-DVD Speed, with the trouble disc in the drive, either:

A. click Run Test >> Transfer Rate


B. Press F2

And this have the drive try to read the disc back at full speed. If the drive has any real problems, and isn’t just mis-reporting something, there will be a dip in the curve around the point that the red blocks occur.