Optiarc AD-7173S, Bitsetting fix dont work

Finally got my burner after a 3 months wait.

Applied the

Liggy’s AD-7173S Bitsetting Firmware 1-00,

but there is no option for changing DVD+R and DVD+RW, still only DVD+DL.

Anyone else having this problem?

Liggy, I haven’t offered my original firmware, since it’s the same version as the one you already have, 1.00

This is very strange. I just repatched the firmware manually and the resulting file was not different from the one that I uploaded. :confused:

Which software did you use when you tried to change the booktype?

Hi Liggy

Quite baffled myself. I tried with Binflash itself, (Wingui), also with CDSpeed and another one called WinBTypeV2.

Note, I tried both the original and rpc1, same result on bitsetting

Same here only i have the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S
Tryed the original and rpc1 ( Oct27,2006 BT-LIGGY )
both only the DVD+DL
Used same programs to check it with as Oz did

This is very strange actually. The programs report command version 1 with no change left. Could you please check which values are shown, when you flash back to the non-bitsetting firmware?

Just out of curiousity, which SATA adapters are these drives connected to and which drivers are installed for the adapter?

Hi Liggy

Yep, strange indeed.
My 7173S is hooked up to SATA on MOBO in a Dell SC430 using standard Windows XP SP2 drivers.

This is with default firmware

Hmmm. Maybe some subroutines behave differently in this (original) firmware. I’ll compare these parts of the bitsetting code again. The problem shouldn’t be too hard to locate. At least I hope so. :o

[EDIT]Bug found and (hopefully) fixed[/EDIT]

Well same here but this is a Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S
Connected to a SATA on MOBO ( asrock conroe ) with drivers of Intel on a winxp sp2

With Cd Speed from NERO

With Binflash

strange with binflash it seems to work ?

I recommend MadDog’s bitsetting application “WinBType.exe”. Seems to be the cleanest solution for all drives that support the NEC bitsetting commandset.

Thanks Liggy, will test shortly

EDIT, yep seems to work now, thanks again

Well fixed and then not fixed.

Just burnt a disc and even though everything I have tried with says drive is set to DVD-ROM, it still burnt it DVD+R.

Used ImgBurn

I just found another difference between this drives bitsetting code and that used in the ATAPI versions. Just one Byte changed, but that could make the difference. New versions uploaded. Could you please check again with the risk of wasting another disc? :o

Hi Liggy

No problem, disc’s are not wasted anyway, my DVD player plays everything regardless of bitsetting, but I just like to have it working in case I burn one for a friend which has less capabilities.

Glad to report it seems to work now, thanks for your effort on this Liggy, really appreciate it! :bow:

Did you also make this change to the AD-7170S firmware? I am having the SAME EXACT ISSUE. MadDog’s and Binflash both report as DVD-ROM but when it burns, it burns as DVD+R.

Thanks in advance!

BTW, this is the 5th NEC model I have gotten because of the firmware you guys make. VERY appreciated

Thanks for the confirmation. I only want working stuff on our site. So if anything’s broken, I’ll try to fix it. :wink:

Yes. The 7170S firmware was changed at about the same time I modified the 7173S files. Some internals of the drive seem to be organized a little different than on the ATAPI drives.

That’s more than I have. Only 2500@2510, 3540, 4551 and 7551 here, with the 3540 and 4551 being donated to me by someone and the 7551 as a review drive.

I do a lot of data backups. A LOT. I would say that 80% of my business is data recovery, backups and transferring.

I always run 2 in my machine

I still have the 2500 in my wife’s machine.

I moved to the 3530, and sold those used after around 500 burns each.

Moved to the 3540, which I couldn’t even guess how many burns (one just bailed out - gets about 30% then writes 4x for the rest of the disc).

I have 2 3550s on my workstation and the 7170s replaced the 3540s in my main machine.

I have a 3550 in my daughter’s machine too.

I always recommend the NECs to my clients, I am responsible for well over 100 sold.

They have my loyalty. Great, cheap, and you guys make them beyond excellent.

Thank you again.