Optiarc AD-7173A - power calibration errors on all DVDs. Please help!

Hello, everybody!

Recently I bought the new drive Optiarc AD-7173A Black and installed it into my system. I was hoping to have a better drive then my previous on NEC ND-4551A, but right now I’m not sure. Right after I installed the drive into my system, I updated its firmware to LD 1-O2 with the hope it would work better. Then I tried to burn some disks. First two dead disks ended up with power calibration errors were TDK DVD+R 16x disks with YUDEN000 T03 media code. Then I tried to burn TDK DVD+RW 4x disk with RICOHJPN W11 media code and got the same power calibration error trying to format the disk…

Nothing was changed in the computer, just removed old drive and installed the new one on its place. My power supply is 350W, so I don’t think it’s lack of power… Cable and the rest was not changed after drive replacement (from NEC ND-4551A to Optiarc AD-7173A).


Thank you very much in advance!

Yours, Maxim.

You should not have voided the warranty before flashing the firmware to an unofficial, hacked one. :frowning:
I think the drive is just defective.

I don’t think it’s a problem. Will flash 1.01 original back and RMA it. :rolleyes:

Any other possibilities or it’s sure defective drive and I should RMA it?

No comment :Z

I should RMA it?
You should not RMA it. You agreed to flash that inofficial firmware at your own risk. You have read that warranty is void and agreed to that by flashing the firmware.


Anybody could explain me??? I bought another Optiarc AD-7173A Black in the different company and got the same error. Now without reflashing. 2 first disks came out with power calibration error, the 3rd was ok and 4th again with power calibration error… Maybe there is some incompatibility between these new drives and my nForce4 motherboard? Or maybe new UDMA-4 mode in this drive case such problems??? I’m totaly lost. Don’t know what to think!

All my disks are TDK with perfect quality, so it’s not the media problems…

I never had such problems before, all my other hardware works fine, I have real 400W power supply, so I don’t think it’s lack of power… What else could it be?

Try another version of Nero and see what happens. And uninstall the programs for image mounting like Daemon Tools or Alcohol

Which version do you recommend? I use, do you think the latest version could still be a problem? I think if there were some problems with Nero and 7173, users already reported them and they were fixed.

What are the reasons to remove the DaemonTools? It has no any relationship with the drive nor with Nero, so it’s strange for me why it might affect to my configuration. BTW, I use DaemonTools 4.0.8 which is the latest.

Any more ideas? Anybody here with nForce4 motherboard and AD-7173A? Do you guys have any problems with the drive?

Uninstall NVIDIA IDE drivers and retry with Microsoft IDE drivers.

Thank you for the suggestation. Could you please tell me if this is your guess or this will help for sure?

This is my guess. Others have reported success by doing this.
I have nForce 4 for Intel (Asus or NVIDIA wisely chose to remove NVIDIA PATA drivers from the driver CD, so I haven’t been riddened by those issues).

Try burning with ImgBurn…

I just checked and I have Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller by Microsoft. I have nForce drivers only for SATA controller and RAID. So I guess this is not the case…

power calibration error. seems to be the common issue
for optiarc burners.

I have two 7170A, one broke down after 8 months of use ,
less than 150 DVD burns
I guess it’s not very durable. that’s why venders stopped selling
them in my country, faulty rate too high.