Optiarc AD-7173A CD-RW writing quality problem



Hi there. Im a newbie and have a serious problem. The writing quality of CD-RW media is totaly crap. Sometimes the data is corrupted and some other times the whole CD isnt readable (recognised).

I never had problems with the ND-3500A which I still have.
I have tested the same CD-RW with ND-3500A and it works like a charm.
Scanned the CD-RW by the AD-7173A drive while the same media was recorded through the AD-7173A and the ND-3500A.
AD-7173As result is always crap no matter what you write. ND-3500As result is always excellent.

The dive is new, with a (working) 80 conductor IDE cable, set as Secondary Master with no slave present, Ultra DMA4, Intel IDE controller, Nero
All are OK, but CD-RW writing quality is crap. :frowning:
Media is a Plextor CD-RW 1-4x and a TDK CD-RW 4x-12x, both have the same results.
I`ve tried the stock firmware (1-01) but also flashed the original 1-02 firmware, still no luck.

Here`s some screenshots. (note that sometimes stops at 90% of scanning progress and I had to shut down the application, the same happens some times when you try to explore that CD or a DVDR-W).


It even makes my PC not responding cause an explorer fault.
The writing quality on CD-R is very good though (TDK -CMC magnetics).
The writing quality on DVD+RW is crap also, it seems it doesn`t go good at rewritable disks.

Help me!
What to do?
Sure I`ll send that crappy drive back, but what to pick? Was it only a bad item or the whole production of AD-7173A is crap?
What other make (I can find LG GSA-H12LB and Samsung SH-S182M) can I take (I wonder about DVD riplock and good quality).
Except of them what else is good?


A little update.

DVD+RW writing quality was also crap as I said above, that is with TDK DVD+RW 1-4x (PHILIPS 041).

But with TDK DVD+RW 8x (RICOHJPN W21) the quality is excellent! :bow:

Ok, I kind of solved the DVD+RW problem, still have to solve that CD-RW problem.
Too bad it can`t write on TDK 700MB 4-12x CD-RW (CMC Magnetics) or on (an old) Plextor 650MB 4x CD-RW (Ricoh) , now where can I find Verbatim or Ricoh CD-RW to try with?
The recording quality on some old unbranded 2X CD-RW (Fornet International) at 4x is also terrible.
Note all these CD-RWs were (and still) working perfectly on the ND-3500A and on a Plextor PX-8432Ti (old CDRW).

Such a weirdo drive. It has drove me nuts already. :eek: So picky. :disagree:
I think Ill keep it and live with it as I did a search and found theres no better than this, some are better on rewritable media while are worse (slower) as readers and such.

BTW, it writes good at Verbatim 16X DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) (@16X) and at TDK 52X CD-R (CMC Magnetics) (@32x) and also it does that very quickly for that speed settings.
As long as it can write good at TDK DVD+R 8x and 16x (have to test with) and my Alpine car CD mp3 player likes it (have to test also) then I`ll keep it.

PS. an improved firmware on those media would be helpful.