Optiarc AD-7170S0B serial-ata help



My drive isn’t able to burn any DVD. It always ends with “communication failure” error. I wonder is this error anyhow connected with serial-ata feature? I’m considering to replace it with some IDE AD-7173BL or AD-7170A.
Thanks. :sad:


And which media would you suggest me?
Right now, i use DVD-R Verbatim 16x


Which motherboard do you use?


Intel 915PGN.


I think you have an Intel IC6 Chipset which work with optical drives so Please set the Sata ports to non-raid mode or IDE Mode in the bios, that will fix the problem for you


I didn’t find anywhere in bios that option…
Further instructions? :confused:


I flash bios few minutes ago and the error remains… :a
I think I’ll replace this drive with ordinary IDE drive.


Kreso is your MB MSi ASUS Abit OR Intel? Please let me know.


It is Intel MB


just for the info it works fine on these 3 boards

Asrock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 ( Intel® 945P/945G + ICH7R Chipsets )
Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI ( Intel® 945G Chipset + ICH7R Chipsets )
ASUS P5L-MX ( Intel® 945G + Intel ICH7 Chipsets )


Here I am again… I went to the shop where I purchased my drive and gave it for inspection. Guys down there found out nothing wrong with drive, but they allowed me to replace it (because I came back 8 days after I purchased it). Anyway, i took IDEE Lite-On LH-20A1P. Don’t call me traitor please… :rolleyes: