Optiarc AD-7170S with Abit AN-M2 Motherboard



Hello for the first time,
just like in this topic:

I have a problem with my Optiarc with Abit AN-M2 motherboard (nVidia mForce630a chipset) and WindowsXP. If I put a CD,DVD or any other media in the drive, it starts to read it, sometimes I get the directories shown, but then the drive stops working and system freezes. In my PC there is a HDD on SATA and HDD on with an LG DVD-RW Drive on IDE. All these devices function correctly. I tried to upgrade firmware of the drive to 1.02, no problems there. The drive is shown correctly in device manager.

In BIOS the SATA is set to IDE, RAID is disabled.

Does anybody has the same problem with this drive-motherboard configuration?