OPtiarc AD-7170A won't ready any DVD

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Had this Optiarc AD-7170A since 2006, burned 1,000’s of DVD with it. All my DVD’s are TY’s.

This 7170A has the original firmware on it. Never been flashed.

Any DVD I put into it to read goes from DVD-RAM to “CD-ROM”

Just burned 4 DVD’s yesterday, had no issues ejected the DVD’s and filed them. Today, 7170A drive also gives me the “CD-ROM” nonsense these 4 DVD’s also. The dvd’s contain MP3’s on them.

4 other PC’s dvd drives in the house can read all 4 DVD’s with no problems. It is as the 7170A is not sensing the DVD as a DVD and thinks it is a CD-ROM. I can pull 2 or 3 yr old DVD’s that all PC’s can read but the 7170A.

I have also deleted the “Lower Filters” reg entry. didn’t fix it. I didn’t have an upper filters

removed the drive from XP, didn’t fix the problem.

XP still reads any DVD and drive goes from DVD-RAM to CDROM when reading any DVD. Double click on the drive give the message “Windows can not read from this disc. Disc may be corrupted…etc”

Again, 4 other dvd drives can read these DVD’s.

I can’t believe that this drive is dead. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be able to burn DVD’s correct?

Fixed. How you ask? I simply changed the drive letter assigned to it by me 3 yrs ago (Q) to “R”. Didn’t reboot pc. Every DVD that was being read as a “CD” now shows up correctly.

Any idea’s why this fixed it?

Problem is back. It is not fixed. Ideas?