Optiarc ad 7170a Will burn first dvd but eats the second



I just recently resumed making dvds, and discovered a disheartening fact.
My optiarc ad 7170a will burn the first dvd I give it, but when I tell it to do the next -a second copy of the same files on the exact same type of disc- it either produces a read error or writes exactly enough to screw the disc then spits it out and tells me the operation had to be aborted. Every disc inserted from then on registers, though blank or commercial production, as the last disc it sucessfully wrote. If I try to disable and reenable the disc drive, it kills the system with a BSOD (Error code 1000007e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 804ee3a7, parameter3 f7a37994, parameter4 f7a37690). Upon restarting, I uninstall the drive, and reinstall it, and then it will write exactly one disc, and then start the whole process over again.
Hello, it’s brand bloody new!
What’s going on?



Please help. If you could even tell me the culprit, Software or hardware, that would be greatly appreciated!


Please post a logfile, it may be a connection or RAM problem.


okay, if I’m not using nero, how do I find it? do I have to successfully kill another disc to get a logfile? - DVD Author has a very simple interface, and if it generates a logfile, it is not displayed in the program. DVD Decrypter might display it, but I don’t remember seeing anything more than guesses at what MIGHT be wrong.


Then try another burning app.