Optiarc AD-7170a problem with media


I have Optiarc ad-7170a for few months and for few days I’m experiencing problems burning disks.
Firs it started with dvd-rw. The writing and verification completes successfully but all other drives as well as stand alone dvd player see blank disk. If i put media back into optiarc - it is readable. Only 1 of last ~10-15 tries was successful. Media used - verbatim. If I use the same media in old liteon - everythig is working perfectly.
Also there is a problem with dvd-r media. It is burned successfuly, other drive (old liteon) can read it but stanalone dvd player fails to read the disk. Media also verbatim.
Drive is connected through JMicron controler and used to work normaly for few months.
Am I missing something or these are the signs of failing device?


Your standalone seems to be the problem.
Try burning slower and clean it.

Ok - maybe standalone is a problem. But what about dvd-rw media? It can be read only on the device the writing was done. No other device is able to read - detects as blank.
BTW: today made the test with DVD+RW media. Liteon and standalone had read written disk perfectly. Media was also from Verbatim.
So I am in complete mess.

An also dvd-r disk standalone was not able to read was written using 4x speed. If slowering down more I guess I will have to write with hammer :frowning:

Many standalones even support only a few mediatype.

Search the videohelp.com database for more info.

There is no sence to talk about the unsupported media because same media (RW) were used for months on this standalone. It is even read better then R media. The only difference now - writer is optiarc instead of old liteon …