Optiarc AD-7170A Not recognizing media

Good day,
I have just built a new computer with this drive. It is the master (only) device on the secondary channel. My hard drive is a SATA drive. After installing my OS (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit) I did not use the drive until I tried to test whether Clone DVD was working correctly once I installed it as I had all of my programs that I install on my thumb drive and not on discs. It was then that I realized that it would not recognize a disc unless it was in the drive when the pc was rebooted or I uninstalled the drive in device manager and scanned for hardware changes and re-installed the drive. This appies to DVD movies (original or copied) DVD’s with any media on it, and burned cd’s although I don’t know how it recognized VISTA to allow me to install it in the first place???
Anyway I have updated the firmware to 1.03 and changed DMA to PIO and back again, over and over as I have tried each media type but with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions??

I tried installing different drivers for the ATA channel as it is called in VISTA’s device manager, I installed default IDE drivers instead and this worked initially last night. However today it is back to it’s unresponsive old self now with IDE drivers in DMA or PIO, I changed back to the ATA drivers and still nothing. I can boot from this drive with a boot CD and Boot DVD so the drive is good, it’s just when I’m in windows it won’t work. Any Ideas??

Have you tried DVD+R or DVD+R DL? Neither my NEC3500 nor 7170 could read my DVD-R/+R DL discs. I have given up and bought a Liteon instead.

Figured it out finally.
It was Slysoft’s AnyDVD. Uninstalled this piece of crap and now it works fine with any drivers in DMA or PIO…atlast. Back to DVD Region Free for me. I thought I would use AnyDVD since I use CloneDVD to copy DVD’s and they are made by the same company. Ah well atleast that’s over.