Optiarc AD-7170A Liggy 1.04

If I use media code speed edit, if I check the speed up box it pretty much speeds up my read speed by 3x to 5x faster. Has anyone run into read errors from reading too fast???:confused: Because I want to maximise my rip speed, but I am using my burners for video masters & I would rather go with the slower speed if MCSE will cause my burner to read outside it’s capability?? Is this possible or does the burner only read as fast as it can without causing errors? Has anyone here Used MCSE to unlock rip speed on their AD-7170A & then used it for a lot of reading?? BTW I have two of them And I switch back & forth Between burning & reading between the two.

Thanks for any help in advance

Could someone please give me some input because I want to increase the read speed on my AD-7170A’s but I don’t want to screw the read accuracy, (read errors,missed files, etc.)

What Speed are you trying to reach? Also what are your read speeds now? Or what speed are you burnign at currently? Keeping it at 8x is fast but I agree 12x would be just perfect. This a nice drive by the way!

An excellent drive :bow:, burns as good as my DVR-112L except with a little higher jitter. I burn @ 8x, it seems like I get better results than with 12x. My current read speed is about 12x. If I use MCSE I can get 15-15.5x.

Do you have this drive & have you increased read speed ? Have you heard of issues with read errors from reading too fast?