OptiArc AD-5960s on MacBook Pro has new bootcode; firmware flashing does not work

./necflash -scan
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List of supported devices:

Device : A:
Vendor : OPTIARC
Model : DVD RW AD-5960S
Firmware : 2AP5

The firmware file expects a different bootcode on your drive. You are not allowed to continue.
Firmware is for a different drive
Found 0x3033 - expected 0x3032

Could be that Optiarc used a new bootcode because also the hardware was changed. This already happened on the 20x series desktop drives. If you want to make your drive region free, probably the only way is to dump your current firmware and have it patched.

I will upload the firmware to cdfreaks. Thanks

Tried to upload but page says
You must be registered and logged in to either the CD Freaks mainpage or the CD Freaks Forum for uploading files
even though I am logged in at the forum.

How big is your upload??

1835016 bytes.

Sent you a PM with my email address

Thanks for your great support. It would be great to have a region free MacBook Pro superdrive.

Will start working on the firmwares when I find some time for patching again. Might still take a few weeks.

Hey, not wishing to be pushy, but is there news yet?

I have a similar problem… any ideas as to the solution?

There are patched 2AP5 firmwares for the AD-5960S available