Optiarc AD-5530A

Hello all,

I just purchased an everex stepnote SA2052T notebook, and it came equipped with an Optiarc AD-5530A drive, with firmware revision AX24.

I cannot seem to find any information about this drive, other than it is used in other everex notebook models.

The drive claims to burn DVD+R DL at 4X, however using Verbatim media the fastest that I can burn at is 2.4x.

What bothers me is that I can find no information on this drive. Is it similar to the 5540a, or another series? I will most likely replace the drive with a 5540a from newegg, or the pioneer dvr-k17 unit.

I would appreciate any help possible. I attempted to use the binflash utility, but it would not recognize the 5530a.


Edit: The only other thing I’ve found is this data sheet: http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Q106/BladeK8F/2527728R/2527728Rsp2.shtml


There doesn’t seem to be much information about this drive available. Most drive’s I was aware of had firmware EX32, but these drives don’t support the usual commands for dumping and flashing firmwares. They are most likely based on a completely different chipset, i.e. not a genuine NEC/Optiarc design.

So in essence, would I be better off with purchasing the AD-5540 or the dvr-k17? In iyo, which is the better of the 2 units?