Optiarc AD-5290S


The good old Benq 1640 or 1655 or maybe both was able to overburn dvd too. i have testet DVD-r Ritekf1 +152mb and Mcc 03rg20 +112mb with the nero CD DVD Speed Test.
I have no idea if DVD+r was working too but i can test it in a few days.
But i never used it for any burning.


Would be nice, I thought the Benq can overburn DVD+R only, Plextor I´m sure only +R can be overburned


Platinum CD-R Plasmon 97m27s18f
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x24


Philips DVD-R x16 MID: RitekF1 Made in Tajwan
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x6


TDK CD-R x52 Mettalic ATIP -97m15s05f TDK - Luxemburg
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x16


Pleomax Samsung CD-R 97m17s06f MBI
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x40


Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x4


Are you test with new or used RW-media?


Certainly in my continuous use 11-12 years.
Also DVD + RW MID: PHLIPS041 did not enjoy very good reputation.


Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM003 Made in UAE \ FalconMedia
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x4

Overburning to 8,14GB\8334MB + XBOX360 XGD3 and CIV game backup security test.

XBOX360 XGD3 and CIV game backup security test.


guys will this writer to bit setting? book types?


So of course there is a change of book-type DVD + R \ DVD + RW | DVD + R DL on DVD-ROM


thanks mate


Full Test Drive Optiarc AD-5290S Plus.

Thank you so much for the great help, kindness, support and tremendous work. :slight_smile:


I never saw any drives from VinPower in Europe available through retail. Is this a country specific issue or a wider one?


The drives that are in the VinPower distribution are only distributed by authorized dealers.
In the USA, too - RunTechMedia.


The Optiarc AD-5290S does not seem much overpriced compared to current prices.


Not that I plan to order an optical drive from the USA, but any idea what is the difference compared to the Optiarc AD-5290S-PLUS?


Optiarc AD-5290S -hardware PLDS-DH24AFSH (LiteOn iHAS 122\124\324F,Plextor PX-891SAF)

Optiarc AD-5290S-PLUS -hardware PLDS-DH24AFSH PLUS (Plextor PX-891SAF Plus, LiteOn DH16AFSH Premium )

In Plus and Robot versions, write a CD-R with x8, write a DVD- + R with x4 or overburning
DVD + R DL media to 8.14GB \ 8334 MB.


Why all the fuss about Optiarc if the drives are still LiteOn?


Good PR?

And only one with DVD+R DL Overburning.

Vinpower told me it will be available in Germany via Amazon, price 39€

My polish is not good, so I have a question:

The Optiarc is not usable for CD-scanning? I don´t see C2-Errors

The writing-quality is a bit disappointing. M01 OK, I have a big vayr in quality with this media, but MCC 004 should be a lot better, this looks like crappy actual MBI-media. Can´t say anything to CMC-made TYG03. The other media looks OK

Thank you for this big test :slight_smile: