Optiarc AD-5290S

The test has been extended to include:

Verbatim Life Series 8x DVD+R DL MID :UMEDISC DL1
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.RZ
ImgBurn x4

Verbatim x2.4 DVD+R DL 8.5 MID:MKM001
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.RZ
ImgBurn x2.4

Uhm, Verbatim now sells Ume?

The Life Series edition includes MID codes from CMC Magnetic Taiwan: CMCMAGD03 and UMEDISC DL1 from UmeDisc China.

Thank you for the info, both MIDs are not my favorites, will stay away from these media

Now is available on German Amazon

Thank you. Looks like the older Liteon-Design, but is to much overpriced atm. For 613 I get an LG or Pioneer BD-R

Vebatim DVD+R DL, MKM 003 (000) x8, burned with Optiarc AD5290S Plus at x6 (f/w 1.RZ)

Philips CD-R 52x (CMC Magnetics) burned with Optiarc AD-5290S Plus at x16 (f/w 1.RZ)

The English version of our AD-5290S review is now available here.

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Burned @ 24x
I-B@SE CD-R 50Pack
next —> Scan with Plextor 891 SAF Plus @32x

Looks like Vinpower released the latest Optiarc AD-5290S firmware on their website.


Change Log:
Optimize FTI CDR writing strategy
Optimize MKM CDR writing strategy
Optimize FTI DVD-R writing strategy
Optimize Maxell DVD-R writing strategy
Optimize Optodisc DVD-R writing strategy
Improve DVD+R DL writing quality
Improve DVD/BD Player compatibility on DVD+R DL media when booktype is set to ROM
Improve Device Buffer Management Control for legacy system compatibility

Wow, in these days new FW for a DVD-writer? I´m surprised about that

anyone test this drive in EAC to see if it can overread leadout or leadin?

to test you have to insert an EAC reference audio CD and disable accuraterip auto config of the drive on the drive options page. EAC will then allow you to scan a reference CD and give you a report on the offset and if the drive can read the leadout and lead in. by being able to read leadout and leadin the drive can read a few samples on an audio CD other drives cannot read which are replaced with silence on other drives. here is a list of reference CDs you can insert for EAC to do this http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/en/index.php/overview/basic-technology/list-of-included-reference-cds/

dbPoweramp and other tools might be able to test and report on overread of leadout/leadin as well.

looking for any drive that actually do this on the market today for best audio rip ability. anyone know? I know for a fact the iHAS124-14 F and iHAS324-17 F CANNOT, so the only other option is to try the AD-5290S/AD-5290S Plus/Plextor PX-891SAF Plus/PioData drives which are labeled as ‘duplicator grade Lite-ON’ drives, and maybe LG drives sold on newegg. as AD-5290S is based on iHAS124/324 doubt it will work, but it does report the ability to overburn CD-R to 99 minute which hints at the ability to overread the disc (not aware of if the iHAS124/324 themselves allow overburn of CD-R to 99 min). AD-5290S Plus/PX-891SAF Plus as described is entirely different drive - so its worth testing to check. not many drives on the market today so there’s not a lot of choice. overreading leadout/leadin seems sort of rare to come across. :smiley: :blush:

There are 4 versions ot this drive:

ROBOT versions only have an adapted open-close mechanism to the autoloaders function.

“Tray Extension – Available feature on select models, which allows the drive to be used with robotic loading mechanisms, such as autoloaders.”

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New Firmware available.


Vinpower announced new firmware for Optiarc AD-5290S

Change Log:
• Finetune Verbatim 16x DVD+R Media (MCC 004)
• Further Improve Drive Stability in extreme conditions


Writer: Optiarc AD-5290S+
Firmware: 1.RG
Media: Verbatim DVD+R 16x Printable MiT
MID: (MCC 004)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: CDSpeed
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

Looks like an improvement. Same batch I used for these scans

This was the last disc from the cakebox, the outer edge looks a bit dirty.