Optiarc AD-5290S


VinPower has announced a new drive with the Optiarc logo.
Official support for M-Disc DVD.


Interesting news. It remains to be seen if this ends up being a “real” Optiarc based on NEC/Renesas chipset or just another Liteon rebadge…

Since the factory was shutdown and employees laid off, I guess it’s more likely to be the latter, unfortunately.


Even the head of VinPower Europe does not know.
I have to get this drive as soon as it reaches Europe - in late May I have promised it. Then it will be known whether it is “real” Optiarc (NEC / Renesas) or clone LiteOn \ LG etc etc ,

VinPower Optiarc AD-5280S was already produced in PLDS


The top looks like my 7283S or maybe any other Liteon-drive since years.

I don´t believe it would be a Renesas-chipset, LG uses Renesas long time and switched ca. 4 years ago to MTK.

So Liteon and LG uses maybe same chipsets, the differences are LG still support DVD-RAM, Liteon not. The other thing is LG support less writing speeds than Liteon


It is already known that there will be three versions of the Optiarc AD-5290S

Optiarc 5290S-CB Archival

Optiarc 5290S-CB-PLUS Archival

Optiarc 5290S-CB-ROBOT Archival


First photo


U.S. UL manufacturer code E306430 stands for Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions Corp:

So from this we can safely assume this drive is made by Lite-On.


So of course that was produced in PLDS.
You do not see the exact type of design on the label, but it looks like the PLDS-DH24AFSH design.


Looks like this model

But the price should be a joke


The AD-5290S with firmware 1.P9 can be used for disc quality scanning using Opti Drive Control and Vinpower’s PlexTools (I tested version However, when using Nero CD-DVD Speed, after the scan the drive goes into an error state with a constantly blinking LED and it will not recognize any discs. The only way to fix this is to power off the drive.

I still need to test the AD-5290S-PLUS to see if the same issue occurs.


The AD-5290S-PLUS does not have the same glitch.


Optiarc AD-5290S Plus

The design used is PLDS DH24AFSH hardware Plus, which is identical to the models
Plextor PX-891SAF Plus and LiteOn DH16AFSH Premium - (MediaTek -MT1862N + OPU LiteSpice LO-DWH02BV)
Models will probably be available in Europe at the end of July beginning of August.
I would like to thank VinPower Poland \ VinPower Europe for providing me with the first and only one
a test copy of the Optiarc AD-5290S Plus which arrived in Europe.


Maxell Music XL-II 80 CD-R Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in Tajwan
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x8


Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x8


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Can the 5290+ overburn SL-DVDs?


According to VinPower’s website, yes they can:

OPTIARC IS BACK! Originally developed and distributed by SONY, the Optiarc 5290 picks up where the Optiarc 5280 left off. Vinpower Digital, with the support of SONY, became the exclusive global supplier of the original Optiarc series of drives. Once the 5280 model became EOL, there was no suitable replacement on the market. Recognizing the void in the market place, Vinpower revised the Optiarc product line and is now introducing the latest series of the 5200 series, the Optiarc 5290S line of Optical Disc Drives (ODD).

The Optiarc 5290S PLUS models offer the revolutionary DVD+R DL Overburn feature where it can expand the writing capacity from 8.5GB up to 8.7GB* to allow the user to capture more content on a single DVD+R DL disc.

The Optiarc 5290S ROBOT models are compatible with all systems that formally used the Optiarc 5280 series of drives. The Optiarc 5290S ROBOT series will work as replacement drives for virtually all autoloaders and disc publishing systems, including older and new systems that are in operation today.


Huh, can you tell where it´s written? I only see “single DVD+R DL”


Factory overburning for DVD is set only for DVD + R DL.

For DVD-R DL and DVD- + R media is set to standard.

The CD also looks like a standard for this technology.


Philips CD-R x52 CMC 97m26s66f Made in Tajwan
Optiarc AD-5290S Plus fw.1.R9
ImgBurn x16


Thank you, czary2mary1

I don´t use overburn often for DVD, but it would be nice if a actual burner could do it. Still have some old Plextor which can do it on DVD+R, but not on -R